JIAN BRANTHead of Growth
JONATHAN SILOCHANProject Delivery Manager


Punch 5 Media is a team of marketers, social media managers, copywriters, designers, developers and just all ’round fun loving people that happen to be great with people and technology.

What started out as free work to help friends and family build websites and do social media marketing quickly turned into a business and Punch 5 Media Limited was formed.

While still doing what they absolutely love doing; they’ve now built a successful business around helping other people to achieve their goals.

We primarily work with businesses that have already attained a certain amount of success and are looking to ‘level-up’. If you are a new business, message us anyway and we will schedule a call to determine if we may still be a good fit for each other. A new website from us coupled with our online marketing may very well be the thing that builds your presence in your industry and gets you to where you want to be.

We do co-opt additional team members during times of excessive workload and also for specific web projects with greater complexity that needs to be broken up among a larger team to meet client deadlines. If you feel energized to be a part of this process then please send your resume to [email protected]